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Texas Rustlers Needs Your Help

A Message from the Texas Rustlers Board of Directors
Hello fellow piggy, bunny and small animal lovers and supporters!
We'd like to take a quick moment to update you on the state of Texas Rustlers.
First of all, we would be remiss not to THANK YOU for all of your loyal, passionate support through the years! We would certainly not be alive and well as an organization without the dedication and involvement you and friends like you have demonstrated, in ways large and small.  Thank you for valuing these little lives and helping us to save them!
Just in 2014, we adopted out 190 guinea pigs, 25 rabbits and 25 other small animals.  These are animals that are now in happy homes, living the life that these sweet creatures deserve - wheeking and binkying for joy!
But here comes the ask - you knew it was coming, right?  We are writing to ask you one simple question: Can you give up one latte a month to help keep us going strong?  To help us keep saving these sweet animals and getting them the care they need and the and the adoptive families they deserve?  We would like to ask for those of you who are in a financial place to do this to sign up for a $5, $10, $25 gift each month - or whatever amount that's comfortable for your family.

Rescue math is simple - we lose money every day!  As rewarding as the work is and as cute as the animals are, operating a small animal rescue is not exactly a recipe for financial success.  Here is a basic run down of our monthly expenses:
Rent: $1375
Internet and Phone: $90
Dumpster Rental: $136
Water: $30
Electricity: $417
Insurance: $100
Gas: $93
Security System: $30

It takes $2271 per month just to "keep the lights on," as they say.  And even with the generous work our veterinarians do for us and donations of their time, our expenses for vet care are high.  In 2014 we spent $10,402.47 on veterinary care alone!!
This is where you can save the day, just for the price of that one Starbucks drink a month.
We have a goal of reaching $2500 in monthly contributions from friends and supporters like you.  It would only take 500 people donating $5 each month to reach that, and we know we can get there with help from people like you!
If you are not at a place right now where a monthly contribution makes sense, consider an annual gift of just $25.  For the price of a dinner out for two, you can feed five rabbits for two weeks!

Can't make a financial contribution, but still want to help?  Find out how you can volunteer and work directly with the animals in our care.  Even if you don't have money or time to spare, you can help by sharing our Facebook page. Each time you share our page, it generates an average of 18 new fans, and the potential for two new forever homes for our furry friends.

On behalf of all of us and all of the animals here at Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue, thank you for your continued support.