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Meet August's Piggies!

Say hello to our August piggies – mama Fawn and babies Blake, Tiger, Crystal, Taylor and Swan. Fawn was featured in April along with her best friend Jewel. These babies (plus one more who was being shy during the photo shoot) were born to Fawn and Jewel only 10 days after they came to Texas Rustlers. They were all very lucky to have been born into a safe environment where they would never face the challenges their mothers did. Given the proper nutrition and care, the babies grew strong and were adopted into loving homes. 

Please remember that although baby piggies are downright adorable, we are categorically opposed to breeding. Not only is it dangerous for the mothers and their unborn, but it hurts those piggies sitting in shelters and rescues waiting for a chance at a forever home. Animals of all ages are waiting at rescues – please adopt!!!